Mono.Cecil 0.5 27 Mar 2007

According to my blog, it's been 215 days since I've released a new version of Cecil. That's too long. This release fixes quite a bunch of bugs, and should be pretty much stable. Of course, feel free to prove me wrong in Bugzilla! Cool new stuff since 0.4.3:
  • Simplified API,
  • Support for the PE32+ file format,
  • Add infrastructure for working with debug symbols (that will ship with 0.6),
  • Add support for resolving custom attributes containing enums defined in another assemblies,
  • Support for function pointers,
  • Started to support the -# heap and the Ptr tables,
  • Add a Code enumeration to OpCodes so you can switch on the code instead of the string name,
  • Add a MethodBody::Simplify method that will expand the macros opcode (turn br.s into br, and ldc.i4.2 to ldc.i4 with 2 as an operand for instance)
Where to download: Dear users, please upgrade.