Fashion Victim 21 Jan 2007

Finally I'm yet another victim of this chain, but because Fabrice tagged me, and wants to know more about me, I feel like I have to share with you five things you probably don't know you about me.
  • For a long time, when I was asked about what I wanted to do when I'll grew up, and until I realized that my low motivation at school prohibited this, I answered that I wanted to be a aircraft pilot! Most probably because my grand-father used to build engines for them, and transmit me his love for those machines.

    A few weeks ago, I was sitting in such a plane, on my way back from London, and during the landing, which is my favorite moment, I was wondering how could I managed to land a plane? Suddenly, the answer was just obvious, I just can. I just have to take lessons. Now I'm looking for a good club around to start.

  • I used to play computer-games a lot. Around the age of 15, my god-father offered me a book on HTML 4.0. It was so amazing to be able to change the title of a window with a simple markup,. Do you realize, changing the title of a window! I suddenly loosed all interest for computer games, and started writing little web-sites. Then I tried JavaScript, then PHP for a long time, then the first beta of C#, then I started working for a small IT company. It's very funny now to read my old scripts. Hopefully, in a few years, I'll be laughing at what I'm doing now.

  • If I always have a myriad of projects in mind, I have a little stack of projects I want to achieve. Cecil is the first of the stack. The next one is a compiler backend framework. So that people working on compiler can focus on the language instead of the backend. This project is called Milo, and of course, could use Cecil. The next item is a language, named Luna, that I want to build on the top of Milo. Nothing revolutionary, just something for my personal experiment.

  • Last year, I've been back to school. But for many reasons, like my poor level in maths, and my incapacity to spend 8 hours a day on a wooden chair, I dropped out in favor of a position at db4objects, Inc.

  • This is related to the previous point, but at the middle of this year, I'll move back to Lyon, where I'll complete my Master degree in some college where the classes are after the work hours, and adapted to people that are actually working. I've already lived two years in this beautiful city, and I'm really looking forward living there again.
So, if Rodrigo resurrects his blog to tell us about him, this entry will be worth the effort. I'm also tagging Carl, Patrice, S├ębastien and S├ębastien. Let see :)