System.Scripting 31 Jul 2008

Plume Two days ago, I was sharing what I was foreseeing for C# 4 and .net 4, and the integration with the DLR. Turns out that today, by reading this post, my eye was caught by the namespace I was thinking about: System.Scripting. But this post is about the beta 4 of IronPython 2, that hasn't been released yet. But heh, it's easy to forget that latest IronPython code can be downloaded from CodePlex's TFS. And it indeed turns out, that in the latest revision, Microsoft.Scripting.Core namespace has been renamed to System.Scripting, and that the DLR AST has been merged into System.Linq.Expressions. So yeah, I guess we can safely admit that C# 4 will have statements support inside expression trees. And that .net 4 will contain very cute features for dynamically generating programs, without resorting to emitting plain IL, simply using the DLR, contained in a new assembly (or namespace, if they move some to parts to System.Core), System.Scripting.